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The Louisville Landsharks Multisport Club welcomes all Louisville area triathletes, young and old, veteran and novice.

Our mission is to promote the sport of triathlon/multisport in the Greater Louisville area. We support and encourage each other and reach out to triathletes/multisport athletes of all levels by creating a culture for excellence that enables members to compete at a level consistent with their personal fitness goals. We take pride in our club members as we distinguish ourselves in local, national and international events. Members make a positive impact on the community by promoting a healthy lifestyle.

We conduct regular group training sessions, workshops and seminars to help develop our members’ abilities as triathletes.  We also hold monthly social gatherings and events in conjunction with local races.

Our bylaws help guide the organization and hold the fabric of the club together. Join us by visiting the Membership page, and participate in our Facebook forum. For updates directly from the board, you can follow us on our official Facebook page (different from the forum page). For those of you who do not prefer Facebook, you can also follow us on Instagram.

Our Board of Directors helps ensure that all club members receive the most of their membership and work diligently to preserve the welcoming atmosphere of the Club.

Please email us at if you have any questions.

See you out there!
-Louisville Landsharks Multisport Club