President’s Message

Messages from Patrick Mickler (President) 11/17/2021

Hey, you cool Hammerheads and River Sharks! Now that you have been introduced to your 2022 board members, I wanted to take the time to speak to you about what we have planned for the next year.  Especially since the past two years have been crazy to say the least.

Don’t worry, some things will remain the same, and we as a board have some great plans to make things more interesting, inviting, and diverse. So here are some things you can expect for the next year!

Year end Celebration: Yes, since we didn’t have our usual Kick Off Party, we have decided to celebrate the end of the year. This event is already posted to the LS Members FB site, and will be held at Molly Malone’s on Saturday December 11th from 6pm-9pm The club will provide some great appetizers and wells as your first drink of choice for each member.

2022 Kick Off Party: Yes, we will be bringing this back again. It will not be held in January as in years past, but well have it in February or March.  Your Social Director Molly, with the help of the board, are in the process in planning this and will post soon with more information.

Club Shirts: As the board mentioned at the beginning of the year, we had to forgo getting club shirts for 2021. But you will be happy to know that we are going to have them for 2022. We are looking at different options now including colors, suppliers, and fabrics. But rest assured, we will have Club shirts for our members in 2022.

Club sponsored rides, runs, and swims: Yes, this has not changed. We will still have weekly runs, bike rides, and our Deam Lake Swims during the summer. We are adding some things though:

  • We are working on adding a club run during the week. Meeting at a local bar/restaurant, going for a safe fun run, then meeting back for drinks, food and fun. Also, we will be incorporating some trail runs as well to keep things interesting.
  • We are brining back weekly Hill Rides (on the bike of course). When I first joined, this was the one thing that got me through IMLOU. And who doesn’t like grinding those gears up some steep and challenging hills.
  • Deam Lake swims will remain the same, but we are looking at fun ideas to help our members get uses to OWS, mass starts, and swimming with other athletes around.
  • All group events will be posted no later than noon Wednesday for the following weekend so you can plan your workouts. Some will be posted much sooner, like the Deam Swims, since that has to be scheduled with Deam Lake itself.
  • *As a reminder, everyone, including nonmembers, can join in on our runs and rides. The only event that is for members only is the Deam Lake Swims.

Club Tri Kits: We will be only offering one vendor for the club tri kits. We will be sticking with Rocket Science, since they have stepped up their game with the fabric and service, as well as a perfect cost point for our member. As you may have seen, I had posted a survey so that our members can pick out the 2022 club kit. I will be reposting the survey so be on the look out for that post soon, because you have a say!

Last, but not least, I want to thank our many sponsors who have supported our club over the past years. We have several that have remained with us and will continue that through next year. But I am happy to say that when have several new ones: We have added Grit Cycling to our sponsor list offering 10% off anything that he offers (just make sure to mention you are a Shark), Sean Bishop with Bishop Stretch Therapy is back as a sponsor, and All Star Entertainment (Nick Curcio).

That’s enough for now. If you have questions or ideas, feel free to reach out to me or any board member.  Also, be on the look out soon for a survey from the board. We want to know all the races (5K, 10k, 50K trail race, Ironman…. you name it) that you have on the schedule for next year. We want to support as many of you as we can! Who knows, there may be other sharks doing the same races/events as you!

Patrick Mickler – President

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Messages from Ericka O’Connell (President)

Hello Sharks! I hope you are staying safe and trying to enjoy some of this amazing sunshine we have been having! I cannot believe we are already halfway through March. I hope you are all optimistic about our racing future and looking forward to organized Landshark activities.  Speaking of which….I wanted to take a moment to provide updates regarding the current and future state of the Louisville Landsharks Club.

  • COVID-19 – I am excited to announce starting the second weekend of April, the Landshark Board will sponsor/coordinate the first Run with Joy!!  We will also start announcing bike and swim dates.   Our club is a multisport club and encourages all paces, distances, and endurance activities. 

    Please note, the Board continues to discuss this during our monthly meetings and will continue to monitor our decision.  If there is a change, an updated communication will be provided. Please know, we take your safety and health as our number one priority. 

    Landshark members agree to self-monitor for signs of Covid-19 and if you have COVID-19 symptoms such as a cough, fever and shortness of breath or other symptoms, you will NOT attend any Landshark events.

    While attending a Landshark event, you agree to practice social distancing and will be asked to bring and wear a face covering to reduce the risks of exposure to COVID-19 (pre-activity and post-activity).
  • Website – We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new website! The Landshark Board has been working behind the scenes to switch over to a new platform/provider to save money.  A special thanks to Donna and Danny Levy and Heidi Holtzman for leading the charge! The new website is scheduled to launch on April 5th and will not be accessible from 4/3/2021 – 4/4/2021. Those members who have membership expiring in later March or during the month of April have already been notified as precaution.  Our goal is for a seamless transition, but if you see any issues and/or have problems, please be patient, kind, and report any issues to
  • Gear Stores have closed (Ownway = 2 people ordered, and 3 pieces purchased.  Rocket Science Sports = 20 people ordered, and 46 items purchased).  Once your orders have shipped, I have been advised you will receive an email from the vendor with tracking information. I cannot wait to see how everyone looks in their new gear and if there is enough interest, we will do a 2nd round of store openings around June/July. 
  • Kick-off Event – Is our most popular, well attended, and expensive event the Board organizes.  The Landshark Board is still monitoring progress as it relates to COVID and continues to discuss this during our monthly meetings on options, timing, and creative ideas.   As soon as we feel there is a safe way to host this, we will schedule it and hope to see each one of you there!  If you have any creative ideas, please share:

As of March 2021, we have 79 unique Landsharks officially signed up for an Ironman sponsored race across 25 unique races (70.3 = 12, 140.6 = 13).  Not interested in doing an Ironman event, we have great local races to challenge you, do not forget to check out our member only discount codes:

Ericka O’Connell – President 

This was posted/shared on 3/17/21

Hello Sharks! I hope you are staying safe and warm during this period of snow, ice, and cold temperatures.   We are 2.5 months into 2021 and I hope your training or sledding/snowman building is going well.   

I wanted to take a moment to provide updates regarding the current and future state of the Louisville Landsharks Club.

  • 1.      COVID-19 – Until further notice, there will not be any Landshark Board sponsored/coordinated swim, bike, or runs. The Board continues to discuss this during our monthly meetings, however as it currently stands, we feel the risk is still too high.  Please know, we take your safety and health as our number one priority.  As soon as we feel there is a safe way to start these back up, we will schedule these and hope to see each one of you out there!
  • 2.      February Social – We are excited to host our first Landshark Board Round Table discussion on 2/22 at 6:30 – 7:30 PM ET.  During this one-hour event, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have to the Board and/or offer up your suggestions/feedback.  Please be on the lookout for an invite from Patrick Mickler, Social Director. 
  • 3.      Gear Stores are opened!!! Both Rocket Science and Ownway will remain open until 2/28/2021.  They will then close so orders can be fulfilled and shipped to our members.  As a reminder, there will not be fit kits to try on. If you have questions, please contact the vendor directly or reach out to a fellow Landshark who already owns a kit. Here are the links:


Rocket Science Sports:

As of data in early December, we have ~55 unique Landsharks officially signed up for an Ironman sponsored race.  Our club is a multisport club and encourages all ages, paces, distances, and endurance activities.  If you are looking for local races, don’t forget to check out our member only discount codes page to race:

This was posted/shared on 2/16/21

As the Board tackles 2021 planning, we have made hard decisions which are in the best interest of our members, our Sponsors, and keeping in mind COVID-19 is not as temporary as we all would like.

As your President, I want to share the below key announcements:

1.) Sponsors – Due to COVID-19 we have experienced a lack of in-person racing and social gathering limitations in 2020, we have not been able to properly support our Sponsors with race participation, social events, or foot traffic. Therefore, all 2020 Sponsors will roll over into 2021, with no additional financial funding being asked of them. We continue to seek new sponsors and are happy to add Molly Malone’s & Carriage Ford as 2021 sponsors.

2.) Landshark T-shirts – The Board has closely looked at our financials and we ARE financially solvent. However, with the numerous unknowns in 2021 we feel purchasing new T-shirts is an expense we can forego. Three main factors went into this decision: out of respect for our longstanding sponsors we are not asking past Sponsors for any 2021 funding, membership has been on the decline (less self-funding), and we have strong inventory of past shirts. All new members will receive a shirt from a prior year (either 2020 – turquoise or 2019 – lime green).

3.) Kickoff Event – Typically, we start our year off having a well-attended kick-off event. However, for 2021, this will be postponed. Your health and safety are our number one priority and we do not think it wise to schedule an event typically attended by 100+ people during the mist of a third wave of COVID. Please stay tuned for a possible post-race celebration in the early Spring!

4.) Club Race Events – We are optimistic that in 2021 racing WILL return, the Board has decided the following races will be Landshark Races. If you are thinking of signing up and want to race with other Sharks and/or have strong crowd support cheering for Sharks…keep these races in mind. This ideally means there will be many Sharks participating, the Landshark Tent and banner will be present!

Sprint: Sunny Side Tri
Olympic: Tri-Louisville
70.3 Half Ironman, Chattanooga
70.3 Half Ironman (not Ironman branded) – Riverbluff
140.6 Full Ironman, Maryland

5.) Race Kits – There will not be any changes to kits for 2021. The kits look sharp and both designs have received positive reviews. We will not be changing the design (or vendors) to allow others to add additional pieces to their kit apparel and allow others who missed out, an opportunity to be on the “best dressed” list.

The Board understands these decisions are atypical of past years, however we ask for understanding, patience, and compassion as we head into 2021. If you wish to voice your concerns, questions, or opinion, feel free to reach out via email:

This was posted/shared on 11/6/20


Hello fellow Landshark’s! I want to provide an update on the 2020 – 2021 Board Members. But first,

I’d like to thank Steve Lewis for his role as President for the past year. He led the club during an extremely tough year with unprecedented events:  COVID, unrest in the city of Louisville, and the announcement that Ironman Louisville is no longer returning to Louisville. No matter what 2020 had in store, Steve remained optimistic and energized about the strength of the Landsharks due to the groups strong character, friendliness, and helpful athletes.  Steve will be stepping down as Landshark President and his calming voice will be missed by the Board.  .

I am happy to announce nearly all of last year’s Board has volunteered to remain, many taking on additional responsibilities.  For the upcoming October 2020 – 2021 season, your Landshark Board: 

  • President and Gear Director: Ericka O’Connell
  • Secretary: Donna Levy
  • Swim Director and Treasurer: Anne Rademaker
  • Bike Director: Colm McGuckian
  • Membership and Sharkmate Director: Heidi Holtzman
  • Sponsorship: Stephanie Fish
  • Social Director: Patrick Mickler
  • Social Media Director (s): Patrick Mickler/Stephanie Fish/Donna Levy
  • Run Director(s): Heidi Holtzman/Patrick Mickler/Ericka O’Connell

Your new board is already hard at work and tackling critical topics, please be on the lookout over the next several months for important announcements concerning ByLaw updates, postponing the 2021 Kickoff event, official Landshark club races, etc. 


Ericka O’Connell, President

This was posted/shared on 10/8/20